Your Edge in the Daily Pick 4

The daily pick 4 is one form of lottery game that is found in the majority of the states in the country. For as little as $0.50, you can be able to get your chance at winning the daily pot. This game often plays twice each day in most states. There is a midday draw and another one in the evening. The actual prize for this game varies according to the rates and system that the governing state observes. Some of these follow a fixed-rate system where the pot prizes will remain the same no matter the number of total bets for the day. There is also the pari-mutuel system where the total pot prize will vary based from the total amount of bets credited to the draw cutoff.

There are various ways to get your shot at winning the daily pick 4. There is the straight play that will imply that you will be staking your chosen combination to match the drawn numbers in the exact order that it will appear. This is known to have the smallest possibility in winning as this offers a 1:10,000 odds. However, as this is the least likely game play to get a shot at, this offers the largest pot prize in the game.

Apart from playing it straight, an individual can also have their option to play this as they increase their chances in winning. There is the 4-way box combination where a player will be required to have a set that has three identical digits and one unique number in their combination. This will be given the chance to match the winning combination in four different ways. The 6-way box combination will give the player six different chances to win the drawn numbers as their set can match the drawn combination in any order provided that the player’s set is composed of a double pair combo. A 12-way box combination on the other hand requires the player to come-up with a combination that has a pair of identical numbers while the other two are unique. Their set will be jumbled in to twelve different sets that can match the drawn combination in any order. The last option is the 24-way box combination. This offers the highest probability in winning. An individual can have the advantage of having 24 different chances in hitting the drawn numbers as it can match it in any particular order of drawing. There are no specifications as to the set selection. Each number can be unique and no pairs should appear. While this is considered to be a smart way to play the daily pick 4, it offers smaller prizes than that of the straight play. It is just fair to have this kind of system, as you will be increasing your chances of winning with just a single set of numbers with the same amount to be wagered. All that is important is for the player to make sure of their decision before placing their bets at an authorized retailer to ensure that not mishaps would occur.