Five Beginner and Intermediate Kakuro Strategies

If you are a Kakuro player, then you know that it can be quite a challenging type of puzzle if not harder than Sudoku. The object of the puzzle is to fill the white boxes with the correct digits that add up to the sum listed in the triangular box. For example, a row of three blocks with a sum of 10 on the end could be 1-2-7, 1-4-5, or several patterns of numbers.

There are a few key rules in playing:

– There are no zeroes in the puzzle only 1 through 9.

– No digit is repeated within any sum group.

– The order for a string of numbers may vary.

(ex. For a sum of 6, you may use 1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2-3-1, 2-1-3, 3-1-2, or 3-2-1).

– There is only one unique and correct solution to a given puzzle.

Like sudoku, there are many techniques in solving a kakuro puzzle. When the simple techniques don’t work, you will need to use a more complicated solving technique. This can get to a point where it almost looks impossible to solve and may take a long time using a variety of strategies. But keep in mind, in a Kakuro puzzle there is only one unique solution that will work successfully. In this article I will give you a few kakuro strategies and will use the term rows for the across boxes and column for the down boxes.

Strategy #1: Common Numbers

If a row has a sum of 7 over 3 squares and a column has a sum of 4 over 2 squares, the only possible values are 1-2-4 for the row and 1-3 for the column. Therefore, the only common value for the cross box Is a 1. This strategy is best when starting off a puzzle.

Strategy #2: Use Pencil marks

Although it may take extra work, using pencil marks not only greatly reduce the chance for error, it helps to point out obvious hints in solving puzzles. Using pencil marks, it is best to fill in possible values that you know are going to exist in a particular box. Then, as more clues are revealed, you can reduce the pencil marks until only one digit remain and that will be the digit used for that box.

Strategy #3: Pairs, Triples, Quadruples

This is a very good strategy assuming you are using strategy #2. If a box of a given row only has a pencil mark of 1-5 and the box next to it only has a pencil mark of 1-5 then you can remove 1 and 5 from all other boxes in that row. The reason behind this is that the first box must be a 1 or a 5 and the second box must be a 1 or a 5. If the 3rd box was set as a 5 for example, it would cause an obvious error in the row since you are not allowed to have the same digit in a row or column.

Strategy #4: Combo Elimination

This strategy used is how you can further eliminate pencil marks. First, you make a list of all the combos that would add up to a given sum. Then you can eliminate combos based on the digits you already have filled in. For example, a 5 digit sum of 33 is either a 3-6-7-8-9 or 4-5-7-8-9. Now if you already know that one of the boxes is a 4 then you know the other 4 boxes will contain a 5-7-8-9 not a 6-7-8-9, thus permanently eliminating 6 from any box in the row. This strategy can also be used on conjunction with pairs, triples when eliminating combos.

Strategy #5: Only Digits One through Nine

When deciding which digit will fit in a box, you have to take into account which digits already have been used in the row and which digits have already been used in the column. Those you can exclude. On top of that both the row and column combos available will only have several digits in which you can use. Those you can include. From there, you can build a list of potential candidates for that square box. These along with many other techniques can help you get through the logic puzzle Kakuro. Good luck and Happy Kakuro!

Pick 4 Lottery Strategy System Picks the Right Pick 4 Strategies to Win

A good Pick 4 Lottery System has more than just one Strategy; it has a number of Pick 4 Strategies to offer the lottery players multiple ways to find the next winning number.

These multiple Pick 4 Strategies open the door for the players to take advantage of various number trends that can take place at any given time during this lottery game.

In March 2010 there seems to be an overabundance of Pick 4 Triples and Double-Doubles based on the low percentage for these types of Pick 4 numbers to be drawn over a period of time. These two groups of numbers represent just 6.3% of all 10,000 Pick 4 numbers. Their collective combinations total 135 of 715 combinations for all Pick 4 numbers. There were approximately 125 of these types of numbers drawn in the U.S. and Canadian Pick 4 Lotteries in March 2010.

Another Pick 4 lottery anomaly is the current amount — over twenty — of traveling numbers that began in March 2010 and is carrying over into April 2010. A traveling number is the same set of four digits that make up a winning Pick 4 number that is drawn two or more times over a short period of time in more than one State. The perfect definition of a traveling number includes that the same number being redrawn in the exact order. But the traveling Pick 4 Box form is quite acceptable for the purposes of winning free money.

Triples and double-doubles are the highest paying Pick 4 Box numbers. Triple numbers, such as 1112, pay $1200 for one single $1 investment. The dollar investment on the double-double number, such as 1122, returns $800.

The key to being a successful winning Pick 4 player is to have a multiple Lottery Strategy System. It provides the right Pick 4 Strategies which enable Pick 4 players to have strategies to create and play these ongoing number trends as they occur.

Combining strategies for playing triples and double-doubles with the traveling number strategy gives the player the right Pick 4 strategies to win some very nice payoffs. A perfect example of the double-double traveling number occurred with the combination draws of 8877 first in the Delaware Pick 4 Midday draw, March 22, 2010, and the April 4, 2010, Evening draw in the Kentucky Pick 4 Lottery. Players of this lottery game using both these strategies have put the 8877 on the watch list. The New York Win 4 lead the way with the evening drawing on March 30, 2010, of 0660 and followed up with this same number being drawn in the evening draw in the West Virginia Pick 4 Lottery.

The Indiana Hoosier Lottery Daily 4 began this imperfect trip, but nevertheless a profitable one for the New York Win 4 players when the third box form of 5757 was drawn in the midday draw on March 31, 2010. The Indiana Daily 4 first drew 7755 on March 18, 2010, midday draw. Traveling east to the Ohio Pick 4 Lottery, the OH Pick 4 drew 7557 in the evening draw on March 22, 2010.

The Big Apple State continued to provide big winning slices of cash for their Big Apple Win 4 players when it drew the third box form of the triple 7111 on the evening of April 4, 2010.

Previously, again starting out in the Indiana Daily 4 on the evening of March 16, 2010, the first triple box form was drawn as 1171. Then, traveling southeast to the Georgia Cash 4 was 1711 which was drawn in the evening draw on March 30, 2010. Like the New Year’s Eve Times Square countdown it gave New Yorkers one more thing to celebrate, another pocketful of NY Win 4 Lottery Free Money.

In a rare return home Pick 4 traveling number, trend players keeping an eye open for these two strategies to converge once again, Oregonians in the Oregon Pick 4 Lottery were glad to welcome back the 0400 on March 18, 2010, in the 7pm drawing. It was first drawn here in the 1pm Pick 4 drawing on March 8, 2010. It then traveled to Florida and was drawn in the Florida Play 4 as 4000 on the evening of March 16, 2010 before boarding the flight home to the Oregon Pick 4.

To be a Pick 4 Winner you need a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy System with multiple Pick 4 strategies. It is the only way that Pick 4 players around the country and around the world have a real chance to win some big money. Systems that offer just one strategy to play or recommended to play just the single Pick 4 type numbers do not give you the same chance to win. Often times the reality is that the one strategy or the recommended “Pick 4 Single Number Pick 4 Systems” create “automatic losers” for both the numbers and the players.

All Pick 4 players need to keep their eyes open for these traveling numbers in all forms, 0660, 7755, 1711, and 0400, that could travel to the remaining Pick 4 U.S. Lotteries, the Caribbean Pick 4 Lottery, Ontario Pick 4 and La Quotidienne 4, the two Canadian Lottery Pick 4 Games. One or more of the other strategies in the Pick 4 System may just predict the arrival of one of these traveling numbers to your local favorite Daily 4 Lottery game.